I started out back in the eighties playing in bands where I took an interest in the technical part of it. I soon bought my own PA and then set up a 4 track studio in my attic. I eventually bought a small commercial building and turned it into a retail storefront with a recording studio in the back. Many local albums were recorded there including some releases that traveled the world. The music store served our community well for a decade and we had a crew of Teachers working in the back.  But like all things to do with music it never turned enough of a profit for me to live on. So I returned to the workforce and Cactus Music, the business, faded away slowly during the first decade of the new millennium. I still own the name and keep this tiny little corner if the internet alive.

I just nuked my original site and I am slowly going to rebuild here with a new look. There will be a lot of dead links out there in the mean time.

  MY SONGS ON SOUND CLOUD     These are a mix of my originals and some covers we did in the Uncle Ruckel Band just for fun with Curt Garrison and Dave Brummet.

This is not material I play at dances in my solo act.

Here is a acoustic album I'm still working


Someday I will put all 300 of my own midi files here. This is just a test to see if it will work

   MIDI FILE FOR Crocodile Rock  GM file made in Sonar playback with TTS_1


Here is a unedited download of Run for your Life for my tutorial lesson.

 CLICKHERE to go to my Tutorial on Sonar and MIDI


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