RDKB Woodstove Exchange Program     2018

We have approximately 22 grants available for the 2018 program. Grants are $250 to exchange an old Woodstove for an EPA Woodstove.

New for 2018 - receive up to $400 to exchange a Woodburning appliance for a Pellet, Propane, LP Gas or Electric Heat Pump.




How to receive your $250* Rebate 

Step 1-You must have an older wood burning appliance that you are willing to remove and scrap for metal recycling. Site built masonry fireplaces do not qualify unless they have a door and have been used for heating. You can exchange more than one appliance from your home, workshop or cabin. You do not need to be the property owner. You will need to submit a picture of old appliance - one low resolution photo is all that is required.  

Step 2- Acquire a Tracking Form from our web site, retailer or City hall.

Make sure you clearly fill in all the information.

Please include your actual RDKB location. Do you live in a rural area? This is clearly stated on your property tax and assessment notice each year. There may be extra top up grant money available for your Area or city so it is important to make this clear.

 Purchase a qualifying appliance. To qualify the appliance must be new. A wood fuel appliance must be an EPA/ CSA B415-1 approved woodstove, furnace or fireplace insert.

Or a Pellet stove, furnace or insert

Or a LP/ Propane Gas stove or fireplace insert.

 Gas furnaces and electrical appliances do not qualify.  

 Step 3- You must provide proof of disposal of the old appliance

by taking it to a landfill or scrap metal yard. There is no tipping fee for exchange clients at RDKB landfills. Please ask then to sign a receipt.   

 Step 4- Submit a copy of the invoice of the new appliance to coordinator. We do not require any other invoices or documents such as for parts, labour and inspection. The invoice must show it was paid in full, taxes and model #.

Step 5- In some cases you may be asked to submit a picture of the new appliance installed.

Step 6- Submit documents to coordinators office. It is your responsibility to make sure these documents are correct and delivered on time. The retailer or WETT installer can assist you but it is not up to them to submit. They may offer this as customer service only.  

 Notes: You can install the appliance yourself but you must comply with all local, provincial and national building codes and regulations. We recommend you contact a WETT certified technician for assistance. Your retailer will recommend a technician.

You are normally required to notify your insurance company of the changes made to your heating system. Some systems will result in a reduction of insurance fee’s.


To qualify for the exchange grant we will require a minimum of two pictures.

1.     Of appliance installed in your home or out building. 

2.    Of the new appliance in the same setting. 

In some situations pictures of the manufacture plates may be required to verify both old and new appliances do qualify.

Please submit a digital image via E-mail to

If you need help with E-mailing photos I can send you instructions.

 You can also submit photo prints via Canada Post to:

      John Vere

 7400 Danshin Village Road Grand Forks BC V0H 1H5

If you hire a WETT certified installer they will often take the pictures for you.

 Special circumstances: You will need to contact John Vere the coordinator for approval if:

·        The new appliance is to be installed in a different location.

·        The old appliance has been removed but still in your possession.

·         You have already purchased a new appliance.

·        The value of the new appliance is less than grant amount.

·        The appliance is a fireplace, a fireplace insert or a wood furnace.

·        The appliance is an Antique wood stove.

·        The appliance is EPA approved but in pour condition. 

·        You wish to purchase a second hand appliance (rarely approved).  


The intent of this program is to help British Columbians live a better life with cleaner air and a warmer, safer home. New stoves produce up to 70% less particulate. They use less firewood saving you money and time. Cleaner chimneys and improved clearance to combustibles make them much safer to operate too. By exchanging your old appliance you are not only improving your own quality of life but that of everyone in your community. If you ever get a chance to see an old stove and a new one burning side by side you’ll see what we are talking about for yourself. Some folks believe that the old stoves if run hot enough do not pollute! What they don’t see is going up that chimney, the fine particulates and lot of wasted fuel energy. An old stove can produce as much pollution as 7 Diesel buses.

If you like I will send you further information and a links to Web sites that are related to Wood Heat, Burn it Smart, and other grant programs. 

         Program Coordinator for RDKB John Vere  toll free 1-866-992-9663



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