PART 1 How to Download and Play a MIDI song File       Tutorial Videos Here                                



     This is a tutorial with step by step instructions for how to use midi in Cakewalk by Bandlab ( CbB) And will also work for  Sonar or Home Studio.  I have used Sonar Platinum for the screenshots. I highly recommend you update to the Bandlab version of Cakewalk for a hassle free DAW.

To start  I will use  a downloaded GM midi file as the easiest way to learn how things work.  Even if you never plan on using one, you'll see how Cakewalk uses midi.


Cakewalks included TTS-1 is a 16 channel GM ( General midi) player that is very powerful. It plays most files exactly the way the author intended them to sound.
There are much better sounding  VST instruments but the TTS-1 is fast and simple and allows you to preview any downloaded midi song instantly with no fuss. You can then "Upgrade" the instruments later.

You can make it so midi files will automatically open a project and play using the TTS-1 in seconds. First the most important setting.

Go to PREFERENCES/ MIDI/DEVICES. Uncheck ALL output boxes.