Video Tutorials on using Cakewalk DAW software.
My focus is on recording for singer songwriters or bands making demos.
I'll cover both Audio and using MIDI.
These tutorials are for people who are first time users. 
              First you will need to install Cakewalk.
Step 1-  Download and install the Bandlap Assistant App.
Step 2- Sign in and create an account
Step 3-  Go to the App tab and download and install Cakewalk.

Click Here to Download Cakewalk by BandLab FREE                                                                                                         

 Click here to go to Cakewalk User Forum
 Click Here to go to my Text Based Tutorial on using MIDI in Cakewalk

Link caption The Tutorials will use the included VST plug ins that come free with Bandlab.

 I highly recommend you check out a lot of the free VST's that you can supplement these with.

 Go to my Recording Page to find links to free VST's-

Videos  found on this page to the right

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